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General introduction Vision - Mission - Core Values


With aspirations and efforts, DAT SET RESTAURANT will constantly improve and improve service quality, aiming to affirm its prestige and solid position in the city's culinary business market HCM.

At the same time, in the future, promote and develop a chain of restaurants specializing in Vietnamese cuisine as well as quintessential Chinese dishes under the brand DAT SET RESTAURANT.



“Food and more!”

“Food and more!” is the slogan expressing the mission, motto and direction that we have chosen. The mission of DAT SET RESTAURANT is to bring customers the best and most authentic culinary experience. There, the cuisine is not simply delicious, but must ensure safety, hygiene and nutrition.

The health of our customers is always one of the top issues we care about and focus on. The dishes of DAT SET RESTAURANT are researched and processed in the direction of applying medicines that help promote health, prevent cancer, slow down the aging process, and support the treatment of bone diseases. The restaurant's dishes promise to bring the most deliciousness and satisfaction to customers.



Safety: In the food business, health safety is considered the most important factor. However, now many businesses for profit forget this factor. With the desire to protect the health of customers,DAT SET RESTAURANT always upholds food safety at every stage from selecting and preserving ingredients, food processing to finished products. .

Most especially, the restaurant is very strict in importing ingredients. The restaurant not only imports vegetables that meet the standards of clean vegetables, seafood is guaranteed to be fresh and of clear origin, but frozen imported seafood is always sampled for inspection before being imported.

Quality: DAT SET RESTAURANT is constantly researching, learning, updating to perfect and improve the quality of each dish, improve the quality and science in the design of the meal menu. At the same time, we also focus on improving the quality of services that Restaurants provide.

Professionalism: Professionalism is one of the most confident and proud values ​​of DAT SET RESTAURANT. We own a team of experienced and highly trained staff, including culinary consultants, chefs, service staff… The restaurant staff is always ready to dedicate themselves. We do our best to be able to provide the best and most professional services to customers.

DAT SET RESTAURANT offers a variety and richness of typical dishes in Vietnamese culinary culture as well as quintessential Chinese dishes and dishes suitable to the taste of domestic and foreign diners. With the talented hands of a team of experienced chefs, when coming to DAT SET RESTAURANT, customers will enjoy dishes full of color - flavor - taste and characteristic only available at the restaurant.

Although the initial steps, the first shaping has achieved certain successes. But we will always strive to improve service quality and expand our customer base and business locations. To do that, the restaurant will focus on investing in human resources, developing facilities, researching and creating unique dishes.

Doing business with enthusiasm for the profession, we hope the DAT SET RESTAURANT will be well received and honored to become the best choice for our customers.

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