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Find yourself an ideal space to enjoy delicious meals with friends or loved ones and important holidays, make sure you consider a lot of things: price, quality of food... So If you are still struggling to find yourself a suitable place, don't ignore the name DAT SET RESTAURANT.

DAT SET RESTAURANT is a restaurant that owns a cozy culinary space with a delicate combination of Vietnamese culinary culture and Asian culinary cultures. Coming to DAT SET RESTAURANT, customers can enjoy unique, creative and distinctive dishes. In particular, the most impressive and prominent with the main culinary design includes special dishes made from traditional ingredients and 100% imported ingredients.

Located right on the front of Le Hong Phong street, DAT SET RESTAURANT open from 9am will be an ideal place for a group of friends or family to come for their parties. Taking the design as a rustic architecture, this restaurant uses earth tones and brick colors as the main color, along with a garden space with three cool sides. As a result, guests who come here at any time of the day do not feel suffocated by the unpleasant and humid weather of Saigon.

From the entrance, guests will immediately see the lobby with long tables serving more than dozens of guests in each area, so there is no need to hesitate for a group of guests with large party needs. The rows of tables are covered with pure white towels and the rows of straight chairs are enough to see the neatness of this place. Even early on, there were two or three tables with guests, the sound of glasses clinking together creates a bustling sound for this place already! If you are still confused about choosing a seat, just ask for the help of the staff, they are quite enthusiastic!

DAT SET RESTAURANT has been around for more than 10 years now, is a prestigious long-standing brand in the culinary world of Ho Chi Minh City. The unforgettable feature of DAT SET RESTAURANT is created by the soul in each dish, drawn from the founder's passion for discovering the culinary delights of the three regions and preserving the culture in each work. DAT SET RESTAURANT always conquers even the most demanding customers with its very own dishes ranging from simple dishes such as fried chicken wings with fish sauce, fried rice with shrimp and meat, dried mango salad with squid... to luxurious and delicate dishes. such as burnt garlic crab, Kinh Do ribs, crab rolls with seaweed, grilled beef with kim Tien, Hong Kong salted tiger shrimp...

DAT SET RESTAURANT wishes to bring quintessential dishes - the complete harmony of traditional cuisine and modern cuisine - while retaining the original characteristic flavor and suitable for the palate of the majority. diners come to the restaurant. Diners can discover for themselves the charm of Vietnamese cuisine through traditional dishes as well as creative variations from simple and pure Vietnamese ingredients at DAT SET RESTAURANT.

Coming to DAT SET RESTAURANT, you will enjoy dishes with bold flavors of 3 regions North - Central - South with an extremely rich and unique menu.

Besides, DAT SET RESTAURANT regularly organizes conferences, parties, birthdays, exchanges, family gatherings, etc. to serve all types of diners in need.

With the motto " Please go with satisfied visitors ", we always try to improve the quality of service experience and bring delicious food to diners. We look forward to receiving your attention and support.

Come to DAT SET RESTAURANT to enjoy the taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine in a luxurious space but full of closeness to nature in the heart of Saigon.

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Address: 16A Le Hong Phong extension, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City (End of Cao Thang street extension)
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