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Dat Sat Restaurant wishes to bring quintessential dishes that are the complete harmony of traditional cuisine and modern cuisine, while retaining the original characteristic flavor and suitable for the taste of the majority of food. customers come to the restaurant.

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CLAY RESTAURANT has been around for more than 10 years now, is a prestigious long-standing brand in the culinary world of Ho Chi Minh City. The unforgettable feature of CLAY RESTAURANT is created by the soul in each dish, drawn from the founder's passion for discovering the culinary delights of the three regions and preserving the culture in each work. CLAY RESTAURANT always conquers even the most demanding customers with its very own dishes ranging from simple dishes such as fried chicken wings with fish sauce, fried rice with shrimp and meat, dried mango salad with squid... to luxurious and delicate dishes. such as burnt garlic crab, crispy salted pork leg, smashed banana chicken salad, Hong Kong salted tiger shrimp...

CLAY RESTAURANT wishes to bring quintessential dishes - the complete harmony of traditional cuisine and modern cuisine - while retaining the original characteristic flavor and suitable for the palate of the majority. diners come to the restaurant. Diners can discover for themselves the charm of Vietnamese cuisine through traditional dishes as well as creative variations from simple and pure Vietnamese ingredients at CLAY RESTAURANT.

CLAY RESTAURANT with a variety of banquet hall space from the garden to the cold room and the private and luxurious VIP room promises to be the ideal destination for meetings and meetings with partners. Besides, with a team of experienced staff in the profession, a team of young and beautiful flight attendants serving attentively, delicious food is made from a variety of seafood, fresh ingredients purchased from regions in the country will bring diners satisfaction when coming to our CLAY RESTAURANT.

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